What is G-Floor?
G-floor is just that, a floor. Designed as a commercial grade flooring product that is custom image able with grand format printing equipment.

What is G-Floor made from?
G-floor is a 100% PVC or vinyl flooring product free of heavy metals. Much like common roll out vinyl flooring you would find in your home or business use.

Is G-floor usable outdoors?
Yes in some cases. Remember it is vinyl flooring and will react as such. Heavy/prolonged water exposure can cause material to cloud slightly. Once dry material will return to normal clarity. Extreme cold temperatures are not recommended. End users must test to determine any and all outdoor applications suitability for their applications.

Is G-floor UV stable?
Yes, G-Floor has UV inhibitors build in the product. Tests have shown that 4 year light fastness can be achieved. End user must determine their individual end use requirements and suitability for their application.

How do I clean G-Floor?
G-Floor can be cleaned with any products suitable for vinyl flooring. Product can be polished and or waxed in commercial applications. Remember this is a vinyl flooring product and all general rules for vinyl flooring apply.

Is there any type of support products for G-Floor?
Edging, Seam Tape, Liquid Welding, Adhesives and White Backing Ink are all in stock and ready for use.

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