Printingcarpets.com - G Floors printable flooring products are designed for second surface printing with both UV and solvent inks. Extruded as a clear, flexible pure PVC product, it provides the ultimate in image protection. Printing directly to the product and mirroring the image for second surface viewing allows for greater durability.



Absolute White Printable Flooring

Absolute white is designed as a first surface print product for those without white capabilities. Suitable for solvent and UV inks, Absolute White is a 75 mil base product with 100% through color. Its anti-chalking, all weather formulation allows for extended outdoor life. Absolute White adds and opportunity for your clients to take advantage of a new unique application.

  • PM75WG Absolute White - Wood Grain




Clear Printable Flooring

With G-Floor® Clear, you are no longer creating floor graphics but Graphic Floors. G-Floor Graphic`s Clear product let`s your graphics show through with astounding clarity, and ensures that your art will remain just as clear years from now as it did when you first got it.

  • CS35WG Ultra
  • CS75LV Levant
  • CS75DT Diamond 
  • CS75CT Ceramic 
  • CS75CO Coin
  • CS75WG Wood Grain


G-Floor Graphic Process Videos

Chapter 1: Floor Layout & Design Chapter 2: Receiving GFG
Chapter 3: Printing the Material Chapter 4: Inspection & Final Packing
Chapter 5: Site Preparation & Installation Complete G-Floor Graphic Process Video

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