Our Products

Printable Carpets

  • Digital Carpet Extra
  • Digital Carpet XXL
  • Digital Carpet Maximum
  • Digital Carpet Pantone
  • Digital Carpet Structure
  • Digital Carpet Progress 

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Printable Floor Vinyls

  • Digital Floor vinyl type 1 - Uv and Latex inks.
  • Digital Floor vinyl type 2 - Uv and Latex inks.
  • Digital Floor vinyl de luxe - Uv and latex inks.

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Printable Logomats

  • Digital Logomat Ecru on NBR
  • Digital Logomat Basic on NBR
  • Digital Logomat de Luxe on NBR

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Our company

  • Printing carpets ® with wide format printers

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Printed logomats

  • Fiber: nylon 6.6 (700gr/m2)
  • Total weight: 2800gr/m2
  • NBR backing ca. 1,5mm thick with double rubber on border.

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Pantone Matching System

  • PANTONE Computer Video simulations displayed may not exactlymatch PANTONE®-identified color standards.

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  • G Floors printable flooring products are designed for second surface printing with both UV and solvent inks. Extruded as a clear, flexible pure PVC product, it provides the ultimate in image protection. Printing directly to the product and mirroring the image for second surface viewing allows for great durability.

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